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“A profound songwriter and expressive singer, San Franciscan Kathy Kallick is a mountain gal at heart. Her singing has always been earthy and passionate. As a songwriter, she knows how to pen beautiful impressionistic pieces with memorable contemporary messages. A troubadour and exquisite storyteller, (her) arrangements are tightly crafted, with each song given its own non-formulaic treatment.” —Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now

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HEARTFELT THANKS from Cary, Tom, Kathy, Greg, Annie  (photographed in Bellingham, WA by Laurel Bliss)
The Kathy Kallick Band's new album, Foxhounds, was officially released on Nov. 19th, an event noted in three online publications, all of which are streaming a track from the album.

: "I'm Not Your Honey-Baby Now"

Thanks to John Lawless (Bluegrass Today), Suzanne Cadgène and Arnie Goodman (Elmore Magazine), and Ed Helms, Amy Reitnouer, and Cameron Matthews (The Bluegrass Situation) for spotlighting tracks from Foxhounds.

And thanks to these 155 DJs listed below who have reported playing tracks from Foxhounds — and to the others who are also doing so! Your ongoing support is very much appreciated!

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Feb. 1st -

The Kathy Kallick Band is #1 on the Roots Music Report Bluegrass Charts!

And … The Kathy Kallick Band are the World Wide Bluegrass Artist Of the Month for Feb., 2016! 
Wow! Thanks to all … we are thrilled and honored!

According to the monthly survey of airplay on folkdj-l, the Kathy Kallick Band are the Top Artists of December, 2015 — and Foxhounds had the third most airplay of any album in that month (despite having no seasonal sounds). These results are based on nearly 15,000 airplays from 144 different DJs, as compiled by KBCS’ Richard Gillmann.

1. Kathy Kallick Band

2. Phil Ochs
3. John McCutcheon
4. Jesse Palidofsky
5. Tim O’Brien
6. Bob Dylan
1: "Hudson Harding Sampler, Vol. 10: Happy Holidays,” Various Artists [Hudson Harding, new] (122)
2: "Joy Of Living: A Tribute To Ewan MacColl," Various Artists [Compass, 10/15] (68)
3: "Foxhounds," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 11/15] (67)
"Banjo Pickin' Girl"


Feb. 1, 2016

Once again, Foxhounds and songs from it are getting lots of airplay from the 148 DJs reporting to FOLK-DJ, as compiled by Richard Gillmann:

1: "These Are The Days," Burning Bridget Cleary [11/15] (71)
2: "The K.O.A. Tapes (Vol. 1)," Kate Campbell [new] (68)
3: "Foxhounds," Kathy Kallick Band [Live Oak, 11/15] (67)
4: "Weighted Mind," Sierra Hull [Rounder, new] (55)

6. "Snowflakes" by the Kathy Kallick Band from "Foxhounds"
10. "Foxhounds" by Kathy Kallick Band from "Foxhounds"
16. "So Dang Lonesome" by Kathy Kallick Band from "Foxhounds"
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The Kathy Kallick Band are the World Wide Bluegrass Artist Of the Month for February, 2016! The streaming 24/7 all-bluegrass radio webcast was founded 10 years ago by Gracie Muldoon of Kentucky, and includes program hosts from throughout North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. Thanks to The WWB for their support — and spins!
In addition ...
Foxhounds is currently #7 on the FAR Charts and #10 on the Roots Music Report.

** Abde Elshafei – Bluegrass Ramble, KBCS - Bellevue, WA
Amy Luncan - Down Home Bluegrass, WYSO - Yellow Springs, OH
Amy Orlomoski  - Bluegrass Cafe, WHUS - Storrs, CT 
Andrea Bradstreet - Rocky Mountain Breakdown, KRFC - Fort Collins, CO
Anna Creech - WRIR - Richmond, VA 
Annette Kastner - Back Up & Push, WTJU & WHAN, Richmond & Ashland, VA
Arthur Berman - Pacific Pickin’, CiTR - Vancouver, British Columbia
Artie Martello - Mostly Folk, syndicated - Catskills, NY
Barb Heller - String Fever, North Country Public Radio - Canton, NY
Betsi Meissner - Neutral Ground, KXCI - Tuscon AZ 
Bill Revill - Acoustic Blender, WESU - Middletown, CT
Bill Stuart - Folk, Bluegrass & More, WFIT - Melbourne, FL
Blue Sky Dave - Redneck Rivera, KVNF - Paonia, CO
Bob Brown - Weekly Folk Rotation, WNMC - Traverse City, MI
Bob McWilliams - Trail Mix, Kansas Public Radio - Lawrence, KS
Bob Mitchell - Best Of Bluegrass, WKWC - Owensboro, KY
* Bob Sala - Krush Uncorked, KRSH - Santa Rosa, CA
Bob Weiser - The Old Songs’ Home, WOMR & WFMR, Provincetown & Orleans, MA
Brenda Tacik - Deeper Well, CJTR - Regina, Saskatchewan
Brian Aust - WoodWarbler’s JazzGrass, WGDR/WGDH - Plainfield & Hardwick, VT
Brooks Otis - Keys To the Highway, KHSU - Arcata, CA
Bruce Mountjoy, Bluegrass Jam Session, WYEP - Pittsburgh, PA
Buddy Merriam - Blue Grass TimeWUSB - Stony Brook, NY
Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show - WHUP - Hillsborough, NC
Cameron Polson - Something New, WTJU & WHAN - Richmond & Ashland, VA
Carolyn VandeWiele - Womenspace, WFHB - Bloomington, IN 
Chris Jong - Backroads, KZSC - Santa Cruz, CA
Chris Joseph - Simpatico, WSPN - Saratoga Springs, NY
Chris Powers - Mud Acres, WORT - Madison, WI 
Cousin Kate - Sunday Morning Country, WZBC - Newton, MA
Craig Huegel - The Waking Hours, WMNF - Tampa, FL
# Dan Alloway - Folk Fury, KTEP - El Paso, TX
Dan Maher - Inland Folk, Northwest Public Radio - Spokane, WA
Danny Birch - Radio Vagabond - Peoria, AZ
Darwin Davidson - Bronzewound Bluegrass, WERU - East Orland, ME
David Blakney - Daybreak In Dixie, CJAM - Windsor, ON/Detroit, MI
David Fuente - Goin' Across the MountainWKSU - Kent, OH
David John - chickenskin music, KEOS - Houston, TX
David Sears - The Folk Music Show, WBGU - Bowling Green, OH
David Thom - The Bluegrass Show, KSVY - Sonoma, CA
Dennis Brunnenmeyer - Nevada City Limits, KVMR - Nevada City, CA
Dennis Howard - Morning Maine, WERU - Bangor, ME 
Dick Groot - Waterland Country & Herringtown Country - Radio Purmerend, The Netherlands
Dick Hermans - New Harmony, WKZE - Red Hook, NY
Don Jacobson - Movin' On, KBOO - Portland, OR
Edgar Duguay - The Bluegrass Hour, CHRQ - Listuguj, Quebec, Canada
Elena See - Folk Alley, syndicated
* Eric Hardee - Folksounds, KBCS - Bellevue, WA
Eric Rice - County Line Bluegrass, KVMR - Nevada City, CA
Gary Henderson - The Gary Henderson Show, WAMU - Washington, DC
Gary Mortensen - Strictly Bluegrass, KOOP - Austin, TX
Gary Irving - Monday Roots, WVUD - Newark, DE
Gentle Ben - Appalachian Mornings, WMMT - Whitesburg, KY
Gerd Stassen - Hillbilly Rockhouse, Countrymusic24 Radio - Berlin, Germany
Gerry Goodfriend - Folk Directions, CKUT - Montreal, Quebec
Greg Torrington - Folk Roots, Stingray - Montreal, Quebec
Guy in the Sky - Mountain BoundKAFM - Grand Juction, CO 
Gwendolyn Reischman - In the Pines, CFRO - Vancouver, British Columbia
Hansjörg Malonek - ISW FM - Germany 
Jamie Gans - Rural Routes, WFHB - Bloomington, IN 
* Jean Geiger - Folksounds, KBCS - Bellevue, WA
Jim Beaver - Bluegrass Cafe, WHUS - Storrs, CT 
Jim Burnett, In the Pines, CFRO - Vancouver, British Columbia
Jim Fisher - Down Home, WGCS - ‎Goshen, IN
Jim Marino - Smokin Bluegrass, CFMU - Hamilton, Ontario
Jim Rogers - The Bluegrass Ramble, WIUP - Indiana, PA
Jim Webb aka Wiley Quixote - Ridin’ Around Listenin’ to the RadioWMMT - Whitesburg, KY
Jimmy Humble - Humble Pie, KZYK - Philo, CA
J.J. Syrja - RetroactiveKAOS - Olympia, WA 
JoAnn Mar, Folk Music & Beyond, KALW - San Francisco, CA
Joe Colvin - Down Home Bluegrass and Rise When the Rooster Crows, WYSO - Yellow Springs, OH
Joe Stutzman - Heartland Bluegrass - The Bluegrass Mix
John Brown - The John Brown Show, WJFC - Jefferson City, TN
John Gwinner - FAT Sunday, KCSS - Turlock, CA
John Patterson, The Song Parlor - TheVoiceOfPA.net, WHP - Harrisburg, PA
John Rumsey - Four Strong Winds, KVMR - Nevada City, CA 
John Sillberg - Serendipity, CKOL - Campbellford, ON, Canada

John Weingart - Music You Can’t Hear On the Radio, WPRB - Princeton, NJ
Joltin Joe Pszonek - Radio Nowhere, WMSC - Montclair, NJ
Jon Colcord - Music For the Mountain and Out of the Woods, syndicated - Concord, NH
# Johnny Bazzano - Your Average Abalone, KRCB - Santa Rosa, CA
Johnny You-Can-Call-Me-Vern - Tuesday Morning Maine, WERU - East Orlands ME 
Johnny Timewarp - Dark Side Of the Highway, WHUS - Storrs, CT 
Joseph Hnilo - The Iron Skillet, KZSU - Stanford, CA
Justin Helmer - Frets, KVSC - St. Cloud, MN

Kat Griffin - American Matinee, KCSN - Northridge, CA
Kate McNally - The Folk Show,  New Hampshire Public Radio
Katy Daley - The Katy Daley Show, WAMU - Washington, DC
Kay Clements - Backcountry, KHNS - Haines, AK
* Keith Dudding - Down Yonder, KDHX - St. Louis, MO
Ken Batista - An American Sampler, WYEP - Pittsburgh, PA
Ken Cartwright - Ken Till Ten, KMUZ - Salem, OR 
Ken Nagelberg aka Dr. K - It’s For Folks, WHYR - Baton Rouge, LA
Kevin Elliott - From the Joshua Tree Inn, WEFT - Champaign, IL
Kevin Vance - A Patchwork Quilt, KALW - San Francisco, CA
Larry Roberts - Down Home, WGCS - ‎Goshen, IN
Linda Fahey - Folk AlleyWKSU - Kent, OH
Lindsay Mar - Chicken Hot Rod, 2RRR - Sydney, Australia
Lisa Kay Howard - The Old Home Place, WAMU - Washington, DC
Lochlann Green - From Texas & Beyond, KA Radio - El Paso, Texas/Kilmarnock, Scotland
Luke Nestler - Roots, Branches & Buds, KDNK - Carbondale, CO
^ Maggie Ferguson - The Old Front Porch Radio Show, WXOU - Auburn Hills, MI  
Mark Tobler - The Folk Show, WTUL - New Orleans, LA
Marshall Andrews - The Folk Roots Show, KSBR - San Juan Capistrano, CA
Martin Anderson - Music Mix, WNCW - Spindale, NC
Mary Tilson - America’s Back 40, KPFA - Berkeley, CA 
Matthew Finch - KUNM - Albuquerque, NM
Menachem Vinegrad - WorldWaves, Radio Upper Galilee - Israel
Michael Kane - Off the Beaten Path, WBRS - Waltham, MA
Mike Alzo, The Folk ShowWSLU - Canton, NY
Mike Kear - Music From Foggy Hollow, Hawkesbury Radio - Sydney, Australia
Mike Penard - Radio ISA - Lhuis, France
Mike Russell - Monday Nite Bluegrass, KKUP - Cupertino, CA
Mike Wuerstle - The Bluegrass Horizon, WDVR and WPNJ; The Bluegrass Crossroads, WXLV - NJ & PA
Miz Pearl - Miles Of Bluegrass, KRVM - Eugene OR 
Norm Mast - The Back Porch, WVPE - South Bend/Elkhart, IN
Orin Friesen - Bluegrass from The Rockin' Banjo RanchKFDI - Wichita, KS
Paul Hartman - Detour, WTMD - Baltimore, MD
Paul Peck & others - American Anecdotes, KAOS - Olympia, WA
*Pete Goodell - Bluegrass Ramble, KBCS - Bellevue, WA
Pete Hart - D28+5, WOUB - Athens, OH
Peter North - In The Pines, CKUA - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Peter Thompson - Bluegrass Signal, KALW - San Francisco, CA
Randy Wynne - Florida Folk, WMNF - Tampa, FL
Ray Baumler - A Variety Of Folk, WRUR - Ithaca NY 
Ray Edlund - Pig In A Pen, KPFA - Berkeley, CA
Rein Wortelboer - PeelGrass, Radio Venray - The Netherlands
Rich Warren - The Midnight Special, WFMT - Chicago, IL
Richard Gordon - The Music Room, WVUD - Newark, DE 
Richard Howard - Amarillo Highway, KZMU - Moab, UT
- Richard Schwartz aka Professor Purple - Amarillo HighwayKZMU - Moab, UT
** Rik James, Backroads, KGLT - Bozeman, MT
- Rowena Muldavin - All Things CountryHeartland Public Radio - Branson, MO 
Roz Larman - FolkScene, KPFK - Los Angeles, CA
Ruby Roo - American Anecdotes, KAOS - Olympia, WA 
Ruby Slippers - Click Your Heels Together, KVMR – Nevada City, CA
Sam Holmstock - Surrender to the Airwaves, WKKL - West Barnstable, MA
Sarah Bellum - That's Not Bluegrass, KZSU - Stanford, CA
Stephen Harris - The Grass Roots Revival, KCMJ - Colorado Springs, CO
Stephanie - Rezbilly Breakdown Bluegrass ShowKDUR - Durango, CO
Steve Winters - Profiles in Folk, WSHU - Fairfield, CT
Sully Roddy, Monday Nite Bluegrass, KKUP - Cupertino, CA
Susan Forbes Hansen - Sunday Night Folk FestivalWHUS - Storrs, CT 
Taylor Caffery - Hootenanny Power, WRKF - Baton Rouge, LA
Terry O’ - Diaspora, WORT - Madison, WI 
Tim Frye - Mountain Morning Show & Mid-Day Show, WPAQ - Mount Airy, NC
Todd Tyson - Crossroads, Point FM - Montpelier, VT
Tom Banyai - Bluegrass Junction, WICN - Worcester, MA
Tom Beebee, The Folk Show, WPSU - University Park, PA
Tom Diamant - Panhandle Country, KPFA - Berkeley, CA
Tom Funk - Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show, KGLP - Gallup, NM
Trudy Heffernan - Banjo Signal, KUAC - Fairbanks, AK
Wayne Greene - radiowayne - Ft. Worth, TX
* Wayne Rice - Bluegrass Special, KSON - San Diego, CA
Will Minor - Foggy Ridge Music, KWMR - Point Reyes Station, CA
Foxhounds is part of the "Best Of" 2015!
- Foxhounds is the FAR Album Of the Month for Nov., 2015!
# Foxhounds is the FAR Album Of the Month for Dec., 2015!
^ Foxhounds is the 2015 Bluegrass Album Of the Year!
** ”My Montana Home” is the #1 song on KGLT’s December Bluegrass Airplay! And Kathy is nominated as the 2015 Songwriter Of the Year to the Freeform American Roots (FAR) Report!
Excerpts from a few reviews ... 
They still play the tried-and-tested mixture of hot bluegrass and cool originals, and latter category provides the album's opening trio of standout cuts, in my book all virtually guaranteed instant-classic status. [But] every single cut exhibits that characteristic sense of sparkling yet relaxed drive and entirely confident instrumental chops, with splendid, almost incidental, vocal harmonies from every member of the band - you can sure tell they're in tune with each other in every sense. The 49 minutes of Foxhounds passes by all too fast, and it all shows beyond doubt that here Kathy's got herself a crack band that's unafraid to take bluegrass out of its comfort zone and yet remain staunchly true to its tradition.

- David Kidman, Fatea 


I’m normally a bigger fan of the more progressive and indie spins on bluegrass than the old timey or high lonesome sound.  But I found Foxhounds taking me back to summers decades past when I was first discovering bluegrass and how enthralled I was with the dynamic nature of the music.  Just like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf begat rock and roll, this is the music that led to so much of what we love about Americana today.  You should give Foxhounds a listen.

- Shawn Underwood, Twangville


Veteran West Coast roots singer/guitarist Kathy Kallick makes bluegrass records that at their best -- and decades into it she makes nothing less -- are exciting propositions. She's as gripping a vocalist as anybody on the scene, she has a superior band and she writes and chooses superb material. If you ask for more than that, may the universe forgive you. One hears what makes Kallick's approach different from that of many current acts: her grounding not only in traditional 'grass but in older mountain music. Few present-day artists in the genre share her grasp of the larger folk background from which bluegrass emerged in the middle of the last century. Though it isn't reviving them in any stale imitative sense, the Kathy Kallick Band knows those styles and incorporates them into its own sound. That means that you're not only hearing traditional songs but also new material that feels richer and fuller of body than the average bluegrass composition, in which the lyrics typically recycle genre cliches while the real interest focuses on hot picking.

- Jerome Clark, Rambles

Kathy Kallick is one of the enduring voices in bluegrass. After four decades and seventeen albums she still makes excellent music. Her voice is sometimes time–worn. You can hear the years as she sings about the things to do on “The Longest Day of the Year,” one of several of her compositions on this CD. The song is reflective, remembering good times and poignant times, but lively and good listening. My favorite is “In Texas,” a medium tempo song of memories of times in the Lone Star State. It flows along with a slow, bossa nova–type beat. Tom Bekeny throws in a south of the border break on mandolin joined by Greg Booth on the dobro. Good memories, but she’s never going to drive through Texas again. Perhaps it’s not bluegrass, but I could listen to a CD full of songs like this. The title song is an uptempo, traditional type number penned by Kallick featuring the excellent harmony of her band. All members sing and that’s a big plus. Instrumental work is a strong feature of the CD. Bekeny tears through Bill Monroe’s “Kentucky Mandolin” with Booth playing banjo. If you didn’t read the credits you might swear the fiddler is a grizzled, seasoned veteran of the road but that’s not a description of Annie Staninec. She is a young woman who has played with a long list of bluegrass bands and performers and is one of the rising stars in bluegrass. She and Booth trade fiddle-banjo licks in “Roscoe,” and the band gives a rousing instrumental rendition of “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down.” Newcomers to this music probably won’t recognize Lily May Ledford’s name but she and the Coon Creek Girls were one of the first all–female bands to become widely popular in this music, starting before “bluegrass” was born, appearing on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance. The band does a hot version of her “Banjo Pickin’ Girl” with Booth doing some exploring on the banjo. Refusing to be an old fogey, Kallick includes “Tear-Stained Letter,” a country–rock song by the legendary Richard Thompson. She goes more traditional country with a song she composed with bassist Cary Black, “So Danged Lonesome.” You have to hear the great fiddle kick by Staninec.

- Larry Stephens, Lonesome Road Review

Excellent musicianship complementing story-filled original songs, Foxhounds is fresh and original, and Bluegrass at its purest. “So Dang Lonesome” follows the fiddle-driven pattern that “Foxhounds” started. The track is rooted in soul, which is evident in Kallick’s soulful vocal delivery. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the record. The evocative “Snowflakes” is as beautiful lyrically as it is instrumentally. I’d recommend this record to anyone looking for great new Bluegrass/Folk music. It was definitely an enjoyable listen!

- Liz Austin, For the Country Record


Kathy Kallick is always a bit of an adventurer and you can never be sure what her next recorded outing might bring. When she has the band with her, you are assured high-quality, literate and respectful bluegrass music: they never take their audience for granted, never rest on their laurels. Such is the case with Foxhounds, an album that starts off with a new song in tribute to Bill Monroe and continues with an exciting exploration of the range and depth of the bluegrass tradition. The album’s greatest strengths lay within Kallick’s new songs; the band is top-notch throughout, and all members are featured in a variety of ways including vocally. 

Donald Teplyske, Fevor Coulee (Favourite Roots Albums of 2015)


Kathy magically blends heartfelt vocals with her own contemporary songs and a top notch band to deliver an album that should be on everyone’s play list. Kathy pays homage to the father of bluegrass in the opening song “Foxhounds.” Annie’s spirited fiddle introduction sets the stage for the story of Bill Monroe’s delight in listening to the baying of his hounds from his porch. Other songs offer insights into love and the effort to make relationships prosper. “So Danged Lonesome” was written by Kathy and Cary Black and its images of broken windows, train whistles, and a heart filling with tears defines sorrow while the dobro and mandolin add to the lonesome sound. “I’m Not Your Honey Baby Now” is a jewel of a song: spot on lyrics that pinpoint a beguiling effort to win over a love and high-powered instrumentation led by Greg’s banjo and Annie’s fiddle. 

- Brenda Hough, Bluegrass Breakdown


Kathy’s original songs exhibit her unique compositional approach to bluegrass, her distinctive, evocative lyric style; in singing them, she charges them with her unique vocal style, an amalgam of her life's experience and her love of the tradition of the bluegrass form; in plainer words, she never sounds artsy or out of place fronting a band chock full of hot players and singers, as she does here, and in fact has been doing since before I met her … and we go back a ways. What about "Foxhounds," the title tune? Well, in her notes on the song, Kathy says she had the opportunity once in the early '80s to sit on the porch with Big Mon himself and listen to his foxhounds run. One can imagine him listening to Kathy's song and exclaiming, "Yessir, them hounds cryin', soundin' off – it's in my music...and it's right in that song there, too.”

- Randy Pitts, Randog's Daily Pick


Bluegrass doesn’t get more solid than the music on this, Kathy Kallick’s 20th album. Kallick herself is an institution in bluegrass, not only through her work with this band but as a founding member of the Good Ol’ Persons, plus her solo work and duets with many of her contemporaries. There’s nothing on this album but 14 tracks of rock-solid acoustic country music, from old-time to bluegrass to contemporary folk to some tasty covers. It kicks off with the title track, a sure-footed mid-tempo bluegrass number that puts Kallick’s vocals front and center on the verses and let the rest of the band show off their beautiful harmonies. Bekeny gets in a knock-out mandolin solo with some bluesy dissonance, and young Staninec shows off her sweet fiddling. She keeps it going when she kicks off the soulful, rootsy song “So Dang Lonesome” with some absolutely knock-out fiddle licks. Both of those are Kallick originals, as are fully half of the record. Sure to be among the most popular is the heady bluegrass workout “I’m Not Your Honey-Baby Now,” which gives Kallick and Staninec a chance to showcase the way their voices harmonize and Booth gets to do some Scruggs-style picking. Foxhounds further cements her legacy as one of the greats, plus it’s a lot of fun to listen to.

- Gary Whitehouse, Green Man Review








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