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“A profound songwriter and expressive singer, San Franciscan Kathy Kallick is a mountain gal at heart. Her singing has always been earthy and passionate. As a songwriter, she knows how to pen beautiful impressionistic pieces with memorable contemporary messages. A troubadour and exquisite storyteller, (her) arrangements are tightly crafted, with each song given its own non-formulaic treatment.” —Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now

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The KKB had a fabulous 2013, including a hit album/song ("Time"), cover story in Bluegrass Unlimited and nice article in Acoustic Guitar, accolades aplenty, and some great festivals (RockyGrass, Pickin' In the Pines, High Mountain Hay Fever, Parkfield, Cloverdale, IBMA showcases, etc.) and concerts. Already in 2014: the always-wonderful WinterGrass and a week in marvelous Montana (and Spokane)!

We're looking forward to more, and hope to see you along the way. Confirmed concerts, festivals, and music camps, all with links, are on the SCHEDULE page.


Kathy just released a new album: Cut To the Chase (Live Oak Records), her 18th release, recordings which contain well over 100 of her remarkable original compositions. The new one is a collection of Kathy's story songs, and continues her tradition of once-a-decade releases of not-quite-bluegrass original material.

The first review of CTTC comes from Lonesome Road Review's Donald Teplyske, who says, in part: "Kathy Kallick is a versatile recording artist. Folk, bluegrass, Americana, pioneering trailblazer… labels have never meant too much to Kallick, have never limited her creativity. Having written a collection of new songs that will come to stand with her finest, Kallick provides ample demonstration that she continues to hone her art. Cut To the Chase is several steps away from the music of the Kathy Kallick Band, and allows Kallick to continue to develop her own style of acoustic Americana. It is a beautifully constructed album of personal and poetic music that should appeal to all who have appreciated Kallick’s music and insights."

Kathy recorded several tracks with the KKB (Annie, Greg, Tom, and Cary), and others with her bandmates from the Good Ol' Persons (John Reischman, Sally Van Meter), Rustler's Moon (Bill Evans, Cindy Browne), and a previous iteration of the KKB (Amy Stenberg).
But Cut To the Chase contains new and quite wonderful collaborations as well. The revered guitarist-singer-songwriter Clive Gregson co-wrote three of the album's songs with Kathy, and plays his distinctive guitar on four tracks. Sylvia Herold and Paul Kotapish are both members of two beloved Bay Area bands, Wake the Dead (also with Cindy) and Euphonia, and bring new sounds to Kathy's music. Pedal steel legend Bobby Black sweetens a number of the songs, as do contributions from other Bay Area luminaries Molly Tuttle, Patrice Haan, and Richard Brandenburg, as well as Seattle's Nova Devonie.

The album was released on the Ides Of March, so has not been in DJs' hands (or ears) for long. Despite this, it is receiving significant airplay on a station near you. Here's a list of those DJs we know about who are giving spins to songs from Cut To the Chase:

Al Kniola - WVPE, Elkhart IN 
Amy Luncan - WYSO, Yellow Springs OH
Anne Fuller - KRNN, Juneau AK
Arthur Berman - CiTR, Vancouver, BC Cabada
Artie Martello - WIOX, Roxbury NY
Bill Revill - WESU, Middletown CT
Biz Bisard - WNMC, Traverse City MI
Bob Brown - WNMC, Traverse City MI
Bob Weiser - WOMR, Orleans MA
"Cat" Catlett - Radio Free Americana, Verona VA
Chris Jong - KZSC, Santa Cruz CA
Chris McGill - WSPN, Saratoga Springs NY
Christine Linde - KBCS, Bellevue WA
Dan Joseph - CKWR, Kitchener ON Canada
Darwin Davidson - WERU, Bangor ME
David Sears - WBGU, Bowling Green, OH
Dennis Brunnenmeyer - KVMR, Nevada City CA
DJ MK - KAOS, Olympia WA
Don Jacobson - KBOO, Portland OR
Ed McDonald - West Virginia Public Radio Network
Eric Rice - KVMR, Nevada City CA 
Eric Teel - Jefferson Public Radio, Ashland, OR
Frank & Denise Gosar - KLCC, Eugene OR
Frank Hoppe - KCSN, Los Angeles CA
Gerd Stassen - Country Music 24, Germany
Gerry Goodfriend - CKUT, Montreal QC Canada
Ginger Hooper - KBCS, Bellevue WA
Greg Krush - KRFC, Ft. Collins CO
Greg Harness - KRBX, Caldwell, ID
Gwendolyn Reischman - CFRO, Vancouver BC Canada
Jime Burnett - CFRO, Vancouver BC Canada
Jim Fisher - WGCS, Goshen IN 
Jim Marino - CFMU, Hamilton ON Canada
Jim Rogers - WIUP, Indiana PA
Jim Schwall - WORT, Madison WI
JoAnn Mar - KALW, San Francisco CA
Jon Colcord - WSCS, Concord NH
John Rumsey - KVMR, Nevada City CA
Johnny Bazzano - KRCB, Santa Rosa, CA
Kate McNally - NHPR, Concord NH
Katy Daley - WAMU, Washington DC
Ken Batista - WYEP, Pittsburgh PA
Kevin Elliott - WEFT, Champaign IL
Kevin Vance - KALW, San Francisco CA
Larry Hillberg - KVMR, Nevada City CA
Laurie DesJardins - KVMR, Nevada City CA
Lee Michael Dempsey - WAMU, Washington DC
Lilli Kuzma - WDCB, Glen Ellyn IL
Martin Anderson - WNCW, Spindale NC
Mary Tilson - KPFA, Berkeley CA
Mike Kear - Pacific Bluegrass Network, Australia
Norm Mast - WVPE, South Bend/Elkhart IN
Paul Norton - CFRO, Vancouver BC Canada
Peter Thompson - KALW, San Francisco CA
Ray Edlund - KPFA, Berkeley CA
Rich Warren - WFMT, Chicago IL
Richard Gordon - WVUD, Newark DE
Richard Howard - KZMU, Moab UT
Rik James - KGLT, Bozeman MT
Roz Larman - KPFK, Los Angeles CA
Sharon Downes - 2MAX FM, Narrabri NSW AUSTRALIA 
Steve Fisher - CKUA, Edmonton AB Canada
Steve Jerrett - KOPN, Columbia, MO
Sue Kessell - WNUR, Chicago IL 
Taylor Caffery - WRKF, Baton Rouge LA
Terry O'Laughlin - WORT, Madison WI
Tom Diamant - KPFA, Berkeley CA
Tom Funk - KGLP, Gallup NM
Wanda Fischer - WAMC, Albany NY
Warren Catlett - Radio Free Americana, Verona VA
Will Minor - KWMR, Pt. Reyes CA
WranglerJim - KRFC, Ft. Collins CO
Thanks to EVERYONE who's playing -- and requesting -- CTTC music. We hope you'll enjoy it too! The album is available at all the shows, festivals, and camps, as well as from CD Baby.

P.S. Kathy & Laurie Lewis will release their Tribute To Vern & Ray at the CBA's Father's Day Bluegrass Festival in June.
P.P.S. The band begins work on the next KKB album this summer. Some great new songs and tunes are being road-tested, and await your response. 
And the hits jes keep on comin' ...  


Hope to see you soon - 
Kathy, Annie, Tom, Greg, Cary



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