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Lots goin' on ...

Posted February 20, 2014

Shows in March, April, May, and June ... music camps al summer ... one album just released and two more in the works ... Annie, Greg, Tom, and Cary all working on solo projects and/or playing with other bands ... and some new Anne Hamersky photos:








Happy Summer!

Posted July 8, 2013

The KKB is right in the middle of festival season, and looking forward to more fun stuff! 

We're about to travel to Westcliffe, Colorado, to be part of The High Mountain Hay Fever Festival, hosted by Ron Thomason. It's an honor to be asked, and we're looking forward to sharing the stage with a bunch of other fine bands, as well as seeing some of the most beautiful high terrain in the country. Whew! An interesting feature of this trip for us is the addition of Trisha Gagnon on bass and vocals. She'll be filling in for Cary Black, who was previously committed to California Coast Music Camp. That's a wonderful time too, and we'd all love to be at the camp, and have Cary with us, and still get to sing and play with Trisha! Trisha will bring her rock steady time, beautiful vocals, and sweet self -- and maybe even some award-winning raspberry jam!

A week later Kathy goes back to Colorado, this time to Lyons, for the Rockygrass Academy, where she'll teach songwriting for the days leading up to the festival. A little more time to acclimate to the altitude, and hang out with some other inspiring songwriters, like Tim Stafford, Del McCoury, as well as others. Then the rest of the KKB joins her for the festival. A very big time!

More camps, Strawberry Festival, Pickin' In the Pines in Flagstaff, some of the best in the west.

We've also been carving out time to work on some individual projects, like Tom Bekeny's solo project, called "Jazzolin." Tom takes a little walk on the jazz side of the street, playing an array of interesting standards, as well as a few not so familiar gems. This CD is being released on the Dogboy Records label, with some very cool artwork by Tom Rozum. This CD is hot off the press, as of today!

Annie's been having a fine time working on her first solo release as well. She's collected a fabulous assortment of songs and tunes from a variety  of styles, all chances for her to FIDDLE HER FACE OFF! This project will have a few surprises, even for those who know Annie's fiddling so well.

Greg's been building a log cabin mansion, and saw his beautiful daughter get married this June. These things have kept him busy, but there are rumors of his solo project. The reso-world waits with anticipation ...

The KKB joined Kathy for some of the tracks on a new solo CD she's nearly completed. This will be a collection of story songs, all originals, that she likes to compare to a book of short stories. Lots of friends, old and new, have been coming through town to contribute their talents to this new project.

We're so darned happy to have Cary Black playing and singing with us. The more we play music together, travel, and hang out, the better we like it! Cary's bringing so much intelligence, wit, and humor to the music -- as well as his KILLER groove! We're all inspired, and assembling a big list of new stuff to work on; we look forward to seeing where the collaboration leads.

For those of you not around these western parts, here's a news flash: IBMA in September in Raleigh, North Carolina!!! This is a big ol' first of everything: first IBMA in this new location, first time for this band to travel to North Carolina, and first time to showcase at IBMA. We don't know exactly what to expect, other than a fantastic time getting to see old friends and new, and prowling around a new place, sampling everything.

We hope to see you all one place or another. 'Til then ... Keep On The Sunny Side!
- Kathy

Kathy Kallick Band live on KPFA

Posted May 6, 2009

The Kathy Kallick Band was recorded live in the KPFA studio on May 3rd 2009 on Tom Diamont's "Panhandle Country" program. It's 48 minutes LONG.


Ray Edlund Interview with Kathy

Posted April 30, 2009

Ray Edlund interviewed Kathy on April 26th, 2009  on his "Pig In A Pen" program on KPFA. The interview is 45 minutes long and can be listened to by clicking the play button below.

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